Snow Man, Part 5 (5/5)

Hello! We have finally made it to the final part of Snow Man. I have had so much fun sharing this story with you, and I hope you have enjoyed it, too!

If you are just joining in, I urge you to read the first four parts before this one:

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Watch my video below of my reading of Snow Man, Part 5, and stick around until the end for one tip on how you can accomplish your goals–something that is helping me a lot as I work on my writing endeavors.


“Hey! Are you alright?”

“Shut…up” the kid said between his teeth. “I’m…fine.”

Ronny assessed the situation and raised his eyebrows. “You don’t look fine.” The kid glared at Ronny. Frozen snow was caked on his neon orange vest. Ronny looked at him remembering being held by the collar. 

The kid blew into his hands for warmth. He hugged himself tighter. “Just leave me alone or…they’re gonna hear us. I’m hiding.”

“I think you need a jacket.” Ronny unzipped his jacket and felt the shock of the cold air hit him once it was off. Ronny draped it over his neighbor and smiled. “See? Pretty warm!” He wiped his hands and set them on his hips. “You warm enough to make it back? My home is right here.”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine…thanks.”

Ronny smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Just as Ronny turned around, his neighbor grunted, “Hey.” Ronny turned in his direction again. The kid’s teeth clattered so hard he could barely speak. “Sorry about earlier.”

Ronny smiled.

The front steps weren’t far. Ronny crawled his way through the snow tunnel and cranked the front door open just a crack big enough for him to squeeze through. Just as he was about to close the door, he decided to scoop up an armful of snow and took it inside. He ran through the kitchen and up to his room while his mom questioned him on what he could have possibly been doing out there, where his jacket is, and how he’s not going out again until the snow melts. She even had hot chocolate and dinner made. But that didn’t matter. He had something to do, and not much time to do it.

He closed his bedroom door and set the chunk of snow on his desk. It was just enough to make a mini snowman, just like the movies. After rolling some snow balls and stacking them, he searched for the perfect substitutes for the carrot nose and coal buttons and eyes. His shortest sharpened pencil and a few thumb tacks worked well enough. Ronny sat back to appreciate his snowman and smiled, wondering if any kids in Philadelphia were making one now, too. 

Thanks again for reading! I will have another piece ready for you soon!

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