Snow Man, Part 3 (3/5)

And we’re back with part three! I hope you have enjoyed parts one and two so far, and if you haven’t read or listened to them, check them out here first and then promise me you’ll come right back. Promise? Okay:

Snow Man, Part 1

Snow Man, Part 2

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I hope you enjoy!!

“Wait!” Ronny held onto Snow Man, preventing him from walking away. “Wait, you have to help him!”

“Kid, don’t worry about it,” said Rain.

Ronny squinted his eyes trying to think of what to do. The nextdoor neighbors flashed in his mind. He opened his eyes wide. “Don’t be a bully!” he yelled.

Rain turned around and glared at the boy. She twirled back around in her cloud and floated inches from his face. He maintained direct eye contact with her and balled his fists. His face felt hot.

“Why don’t you go back home?” Rain challenged him.

“No! He needs to get back home!” he screamed and his face turned red. Snow Man turned around and sulked in his self pity. Ronny took a few deep breaths. This was his chance. After another deep breath, he began, “Look. We don’t have to be friends, but we can be nice! Why can’t we be nice? Nice is what helps us be together. How about we all help each other and then…and then we can bring happiness and be happy in the world. You know?” He looked up at Rain. “He gave you a break. Now it’s time to be nice!” He gritted his teeth.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll find my way,” Snow Man muttered.

“No! She knows the way!” He grunted. “Just tell him! Be nice!” The boy fell to his knees on the cloud and grunted into his hands. 

Rain stared at him in disgust. After a moment of watching him bury his face in the cloud, she grinned. “Ok, I will tell him on one condition.”

Ronny looked up at her.

Rain purred and smiled wider. “Ok, kid–”

“My name’s Ronny!” he squealed.

“Well excuse me, Ronny,” she smiled. “Ronny, there’s not much your kind can do for me, but Snowy certainly can.”

Snow Man raised his eyebrows.

“I need you to start pulling your weight around here more. This break is just too good to give up. This is the most relaxed I have felt in ages!…Or at least since the last time you got lost. Ha! Ah, how I would love to just be in the ocean where I can relax all day. No more responsibilities.” She hugged herself with her liquid arms and closed her eyes.

“I’m just gonna find it myself.” Snow Man kicked his feet and a puff of clouds burst in the air.

“I think you can make it work,” she winked.

“How am I going to help you be in the ocean or snow more for you? I have to snow in other places, too.”

“Eh, details. Maybe they’ll just get less of you.”

He sighed and looked at Ronny with droopy eyes. “I’ll find someone else.”

Rain cackled. “Good luck! I haven’t seen Sleet, Thunder, Lightening, or Rainbow in a while. I actually saw Hail the other day, but nowhere near here.”

They all sat in silence. Ronny wracked his little brain for how he could help. He knew there had to be a way. Snow Man hunched over himself staring down at his cloud.

Rain sighed. “Well, if y’all are just gonna sit there, I guess I’m gonna be on my way. I’ve got…things to do.”

Snow Man stood up and slapped his arms against his sides in defeat, causing a dusting of snowflakes to land in Ronny’s lap.

Ronny picked up the snowflakes and watched it melt in his hands. Soon, his pants felt soggy from the melted snow to match his soggy shoes. Melted snow. Melted snow. Water.

“I GOT IT!” he screamed. Snow Man and Rain turned in his direction. “I just learned in school! Snow turns to water when it melts! Why don’t we just make another you?” He turned to Rain. “I can melt the snow! Then we can have another Rain and you can be in the ocean,” he said to her.

Thanks for reading! Now, check out part four here!


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