The Writerly Life

manuscript_3Join me in my writing mission! I embarked on the biggest writing journey of my life in February of 2018: writing a book. And I invite you along for the ride. Yes, you.

I am currently working on my first fantasy novel and learning A LOT. Every step along the way, I will provide updates and insights into the writing process and lessons learned at each milestone.

Whether you are an avid reader, love to write, are published or not published, or never wrote anything in your life–I invite you to join me.


I love animals and I enjoy surrounding myself with nature. My full-time job is in digital marketing and I am also an English tutor on the side. When I am not at work, at the gym, reading, or writing…I may or not be watching The Bachelor. Some may judge. But there’s no way I am missing out on “the most dramatic season ever”.

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>If you want to share any writing advice or want to connect about your writing journey, contact me today!

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