Author Your Journey

What would happen if you just try to accomplish your biggest writing goals? This is the same question I asked myself before I began to write my first novel in February of 2018.

I knocked out my first draft by New Year’s Eve of the same year. I didn’t have anything to lose other than the opportunity to give my goal a chance. You could start to try right now, too.

No matter what your writing aspirations are, don’t let them feel so much bigger than you. Take control.

Join me and we can navigate our writing goals together! I will share what I am doing to become a published author, and I hope that my tricks and strategies may work for your writing goals as well. And of course, I will share some of my creative pieces along the way.

Let’s get started!

A bit about me: I love animals and I enjoy surrounding myself with nature. My full-time job is in the financial services industry as a copywriter and I am also an English tutor on the side.

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