Why Are Writers So Lucky During The COVID-19 Quarantine?

Because we can write anywhere. Anytime. Lock us up at home, tell us we can’t go in to work, but that won’t prevent us from writing! How lucky are we that our passion can’t be disrupted? If you find yourself locked down at home, this is our time. We can trade our would-be work commutes... Continue Reading →

Why Should Writers Use Twitter?

For many people outside of the marketing realm, social media sometimes has a negative connotation. For us writers, that is definitely not the case. It's far more than scrolling through newsfeeds for hours or catching up on what celebrity broke up with their long-time boyfriend (gasp!).  I would go so far as to say that... Continue Reading →


The pale plate nestled in her grip.  Knuckles white, she lifted the cold serving spoon.  Under the heating lamps her skin tingled as she scooped the rice.  Plop, 200.  Side-step, coconut shrimp.  Plop, 250.  Side-step, orange chicken.  Plop, 350 at least.  Her feet shuffled her back to her seat among her family.  She settled in her chair. 200. 250. 350.... Continue Reading →

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