Why Are Writers So Lucky During The COVID-19 Quarantine?

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Because we can write anywhere. Anytime. Lock us up at home, tell us we can’t go in to work, but that won’t prevent us from writing! How lucky are we that our passion can’t be disrupted?

If you find yourself locked down at home, this is our time. We can trade our would-be work commutes with some writing! In today’s post, I am sharing seven challenges for you, one for each day of the week during this historical pandemic.

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The challenge

Maybe you turn to writing to express yourself, educate others, or busy your mind from the world around you. We could all use a brief escape from current events these days, and one option is to try something new with your writing. Give these seven exercises your best shot:

  • Try plotting vs pantsing or vice versa. You never know what might work the best for you if you don’t try. This is a great exercise to learn more about yourself as a writer. 
  • Try writing a different genre. Maybe you will discover a new genre you want to write in the long term, or maybe you discover a new technique typically used in a different genre that you can apply to yours.
  • Try writing a different literary genre. For example, if you write short fiction, try poetry. If you normally write non-fiction, try fiction. 
  • Try writing in different environments. Sit at a desk, on the couch, on your porch…different environments may spark some extra inspiration.
  • Try imitating an author’s writing style. This was an assignment I had in my creative writing course in college and I loved it. This challenges you to truly step outside of your comfort zone, closely dissect someone else’s style of writing, and execute it yourself! I loved this, and I urge any writer to give it a shot.
  • Try writing at different times of the day. Maybe your midnight brain is better than your mid-day brain. Perhaps your muse is better behaved during a time of day you don’t typically write.
  • Try to rewrite one of your stories or chapters from another character’s perspective. This is a great way to get to know a character better, your story better, and you, as a writer, better. Win-win. And you might even see your own story in a way different light than expected. 

Plotting vs pantsing

I was a proud pantser while drafting my first book, and I am now venturing into the plotter life for my second book. This new technique is what inspired me to write this post and I wanted to share what I have learned so far:

  • I am learning about my characters more and their purpose in the story
  • I am learning about the world I created more
  • I am more confident about writing the story now that I know more about it
  • I can better shape and develop important ideas that carry throughout the story
  • I feel like my writing sessions will be more structured now since I will know what I will write each time

Plotting isn’t for everyone, but if you have always been a pantser, maybe it is worth a shot. While I enjoyed learning about my story and characters along the way as a pantser, I am interested to see how I feel about plotting once I finish this draft. It doesn’t hurt to try!

Thank you, Writing

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In such uncertain times, at least we have writing. I will always be grateful for my passion and how it is always there for us during any time of our lives.

I hope that you and your family are well and safe, and can stay optimistic amid the scary turn of world events. As a reminder, please be sure to consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization as reliable resources for updates on COVID-19.

Stay healthy and safe out there. And as always, happy writing.

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  1. These are some fun challenges! I actually started a secondary blog right before the lockdown hit (in February) which couldn’t have been better timing. It’s a pet blog, and people are home with their pets, so they want to read the content. I was shocked by how quickly it has been growing and how much I am loving the niche (although I’m definitely not giving up this original blog).


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