Music: The Key To Your Best Writing Ideas

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“Everyone, stay calm!”

Dialogue paced back and forth. Description and Character Development huddled in the corner. Pacing, Conflict, and Plot crowded the exit after they failed to break it down.


You look through your backpack for the third time, confirming once again that your new earbuds aren’t there. Maybe they’re in your car. Or did you leave them at home? But now you’re all settled in this little coffee shop and the thought of packing up doesn’t feel so appealing.

There’s work to be done.

You open your computer and stare at your manuscript. You could do this.


Dialogue and Plot ushered everyone out of the way of the exit. The group watched in silence as they backed up for a running start and sang in encouragement. They were the strongest writing elements; surely they could break down the exit.


You rest your fingers on the keyboard. Just as you think an idea starts to form, the man on the phone next to you laughs out loud. The women on the other side of you start talking louder, gasping at each other’s gossip. The kid across the cafe throws his cup and juice covers the floor.

Whatever. Minor distractions, right? You can do this.


Plot looks at Dialogue and nods its head. They take a deep breath and sprint to the exit. This has happened before; they always get through. 


You sit back and take another sip of coffee. Maybe the caffeine will help. The music from the speaker above you plays a light arrangement drowned out by Juice Kid’s mother scolding him. The man laughs louder. You check the small pocket on the side of your backpack. Disappointed again.


Dialogue and Plot run and hit the exit. It remains closed and they collapse to the ground. Character Development comforts them. Description huffs. This couldn’t be the end.


You rest your head in your hands. One more minute and you could pump yourself up enough to focus. You’re a pro. This was nothing.


“Sorry, guys,” Dialogue says. “This might be it.”

Plot, Description, Pacing, Conflict, and Character Development all sit down, accepting defeat. They’ve lived a long life. They’ve worked hard. Maybe now was the right time. They accepted this unfortunate fate.


Juice Kid walks from across the cafe towards you. His mother pushes him forward. As he walks closer, he points at you and his mother tries to smile. Juice Kid stops at your side and looks up at you with your new earbuds.

“Here ya go,” he says and drops them in your lap. You hold them and feel the remnants of sticky dried juice on the wires.

He turns around but his mother twirls him back to face you. “I’m sorry,” he says, looking at the floor.

“I’m so sorry, he must have swiped them when I wasn’t looking!” the mother said, forcing a laugh and they walk away.

You plug your earbuds into your laptop and turn on your music. Crisp melodies dance through your ears. Finally, it’s just you and your manuscript.


The door opens. They all raise their heads and gasp. 

Plot creeps up to the door and peeks around on the other side. “It’s clear!”

The others stand up and join. One by one, they file out of your mind with excitement.

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Find your rhythm

Some of us writers prefer silence, some need music, and maybe some need to be in a crowded coffee shop for white noise in the background. 

I am definitely the music type. My most productive writing sessions are when I have my earbuds or headphones blasting music and blocking out the world around me, no matter where I am.

Check out what I use to stay the most focused, and see for yourself what they can do for you!

Earbuds for ease

These Symphonized NRG 3.0 earbuds are the best earbuds I have ever owned. The reasons are simple:

  • They are so comfortable and stay snug in my ears
  • They block out all of the noise around me
  • The sound is very crisp–just like noise-cancelling headphones 
  • They come with a little pouch with back-up buds
  • They are affordable for an excellent value
  • They are very portable for anywhere–you don’t need to carry around large headphones to cancel out the noise while you’re out

I’ve had mine for about two years and they are still perfect. I take them everywhere with me and feel lost without them!

Headphones at home

I was gifted the Cowin E7 headphones for Christmas in 2018 and they are still in perfect condition. These are truly a great buy because:

  • They are very comfortable with adjustable settings to fit your head
  • The charge lasts for thirty hours and they charge quickly when I finally drain them
  • They are noise-cancelling and completely block out the world around me
  • The sound is clear and crisp

I use these at home all of the time. They make me truly feel in the zone and ready to write.

Bluetooth speakers to blast

Maybe you’re not the type who prefers to block out all of the noise. A bluetooth speaker like the OontZ Angle 3 bluetooth speaker might be your best choice! These are also a great option because:

  • They are easy to connect to your smartphone
  • They have great sound
  • They aren’t big so you can take it to any room in the house, or even to a park, the beach–wherever your writing takes you (as long as the music doesn’t annoy the people around you ha!)


If you are struggling to complete productive writing sessions, I highly suggest listening to music. This whole process is about trying different things–whether it’s trying to write in first person vs. third person, or experimenting what environment you write in best, try something new! 

Maybe music is the key that opens the door to all of your best ideas.

Happy writing 🙂


3 thoughts on “Music: The Key To Your Best Writing Ideas

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  1. Regardless of the delivery method, for me the best music is often movie soundtracks. Repetitive, energetic, no lyrics. Yes, workout / dance music does the trick too, but then I want to go dancing. Classical often does it, until my inner musician gets involved. Back to soundtracks. Your mileage may vary.


    1. I agree!! And depending on what you’re writing may determine what kind of music you listen to. I love how the options are endless!


  2. I struggle to do anything without music going. I admit it, I can’t do silence (unless I’m out in nature). I have music going constantly at home – whether it’s background noise or something I’m listening to more actively. There are radios and/or Bluetooth speakers in almost every room of the house lol


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