The Secret Ingredient For A Writer’s Success: A Dry Erase Board

img_9646As writers, we may have a book brewing, a short fiction steaming, or a poem poaching. In short, we could have a lot on our plate at one time.

Writing is not easy. BUT one way that I whip up my best writing on a more regular basis is from the use of a special ingredient: a dry erase board .

Listen here for the full discussion as well:

The ingredients


  1. Your dry erase board
  2. Long term writing goals

The directions

Follow these instructions to yield unlimited servings of success.

  1. Roll out your long term writing goals and form them into smaller, bite-sized goals
  2. Place a handful of your bite-sized goals on your dry erase board and let them set
  3. Don’t leave your dry erase board unattended. Forgetting to regularly check on your goals may spoil them. 
  4. Ensure you have allowed ample time for your goals to be accomplished throughout the week. Don’t turn the heat up too high or too low–aim for a nice, even pace.
  5. Review your work and check for doneness.
  6. Enjoy the taste of accomplishment!

This feels so good, guys. And for only a few dollars, you are utilizing a method that really works! It’s so worth it. Productivity has never tasted so sweet. Get your dry erase board here.

If you are a visual or list-oriented person like me, this may be your ultimate recipe for success. There’s something so satisfying about checking off each item throughout the week. And when you store your board in an area of your home where you spend most of your time, you’ll constantly be reminded of what you need to do.

We may also have weeks where some items are left unchecked and that’s alright. Save your leftovers for the following week. 

Ok, I am out of food metaphors, I promise. Have a fabulous, goal-crushing week, everyone!

…Bon appétit!


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