Snow Man, Part 4 (4/5)

Ready for part four? We are almost done–just one last part after this!

If you haven’t read or listened to the first three parts, check them out first:

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And here, you may listen to my reading of Snow Man, Part 4:

Now, how will Snow Man find his way back to Philadelphia? Read to find out!

They exchanged looks. “It’s worth a try, but I’ve never done that before,” Snow Man warned.

“Let’s try! We can try!” Ronny squealed.

Snow Man made a pile of snow in Ronny’s arms and the three of them watched as the fluffy snow melted into a pool of water on Ronny’s lap. The cloud held the water as it grew into a slushy pool. Ronny moved his hands throughout the slush to melt it more until it was all liquid. They stared at it.

“Now what?” Ronny asked.

“I don’t know,” Snow Man said. They looked at Rain.

“Well, don’t look at me! You’re the one with the bright idea.” She floated over to the pool of water to investigate and poked it with her drippy hand. 

At the second of her touch, the water swirled into a whirlpool and rose from Ronny’s lap. It swirled faster and faster. Ronny’s eyes glazed over and his jaw dropped.

Another dripping wet creature stood before them and stared into the distance wide-eyed.

Rain gasped. “Oh HEY, so you’re gonna take over for me and you’re gonna do great and don’t worry about anything, you’ll know what to do, and I–”

“Your name is Drip! I’m naming her Drip!” Ronny shrieked and flashed the biggest grin.

Drip continued to stand still with a blank stare.

“Yeah, so if you don’t mind, I’m gonna get going! This is so great. Oh! Your next stop is supposed to be Cruz Bay tomorrow, so be prepared. Thanks a bunch!” Rain clapped her hands together. “Nice knowin’ you guys. I am off to finally live the dream and–”

Just as she started to float away, Snow Man held out his arm and yelled, “Wait! Where’s Philadelphia?!”

“Oh yeah! It’s that way!” She gestured to her right. “Just keep going and you’ll know when you get there.” She floated away humming and with one last cheer, she sunk into the cloud to land right into the ocean.

Ronny jumped in the air and tugged at Snow Man’s arm. “See! Now you know! You’ll make it home!”

Snow Man huffed a deep sigh and stood up. “Thanks,” and patted him on the head.

The boy smiled and gazed up at the giant. “Thanks for the snow!”

Snow Man smiled, nodded, and started to float off towards Philadelphia. Ronny smiled as Snow Man disappeared and turned his gaze at Drip whose eyes darted from left to right.

“Hey, you gonna be good?” Ronny asked. Drip widened her eyes and stared at her own arm dripping water into her cloud. She raised both arms, mesmerized at both of them, dripping. It was just the two of them now and after looking around at his surroundings, Ronny chuckled nervously and said, “Well, I gotta get back home, okay?”

Drip looked at Ronny and looked back at herself. Ronny offered a forced smile to Drip and popped down under the clouds. He hopped back onto the ledge of snow to dig his way down through it to return home. It was still freezing cold. His shoes filled with wet snow again that made him even colder and he silently thanked his mom for the warm jacket.

He dug down, down, down through the snow by following his previous path. He felt like he was almost back to ground when he found one of the neighbor kids shivering and curled up against the wall of his tunnel.

Read the final part here!


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