Cheese Curls

She unwrapped her cheese stick.  As she took a bite, Tony watched her.


“Hey, I thought we were gonna trade today.”

“I changed my mind,” she spoke, chewing her cheese.

“But you promised.”

“I thought,” she snapped another bite off, “we were gonna start that next week.”


Tony shrugged and unzipped his Batman lunch bag.  It matched his Batman shirt just like every day.  He removed a bag of cheese curls and started throwing them up in the air and catching them in his mouth.


“Wow, you’re sooooo talented,” she rolled her eyes.  She threw up the last bite of cheese stick in the air and Tony followed it with his eyes as it rolled off of her cheek to her shoulder to the crusty cafeteria tiled floor.


Her eyes widened and she dug into her lunch bag, giggling under her breath.  Tony found the cookie in his bag and broke it in half.


“Here, you can have this.  It’s better than the cheese anyway.”







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