A Message From The Grocery Store Radio

So here I am sitting in the Wegmans grocery store cafe and as I attempt to gather my thoughts, “100 Years” by Five For Fighting begins to play on the radio.  I listen closer and it ends up serving as an important reminder. The lyrics speak of young age and moving on to old age... Continue Reading →

“I’m Too Busy To Write.”

There you go, I said the “B” word.  Now, don’t tell me you have never said that to yourself because I’m pretty positive that it has already at least crossed your mind, and if somehow it hasn’t, it’s quite inevitable to occur at some point in your writerly life. Since starting a new full-time job... Continue Reading →

Cheese Curls

She unwrapped her cheese stick.  As she took a bite, Tony watched her.   “Hey, I thought we were gonna trade today.” “I changed my mind,” she spoke, chewing her cheese. “But you promised.” “I thought,” she snapped another bite off, “we were gonna start that next week.”   Tony shrugged and unzipped his Batman... Continue Reading →

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