Animals And Yoga And Me

So far I have enjoyed sharing several pieces of my writing with the world of WordPress and I thought I would take this time to introduce  myself properly and say a couple things about me (if anyone would like to read about my life).


I am currently a graduate student pursuing my master’s degree in English along with a publishing certification.  I graduated with my bachelor’s in Animal Science with a focus on Livestock Science and Management in 2014.  Usually when I tell these two facts with people I have just met they become very confused, wondering how the heck I went from cows and pigs and sheep to books and writing papers all the time.  The truth is, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life and I simply made decisions based on what I enjoyed and went with the flow.  Let me tell you, I am so thankful I did.


I have loved animals my entire life.  I have always been that kid at birthday parties in elementary school who would sit in the corner playing with the family kitten the entire time rather than playing with the other kids.  I think one time I even missed cake.  Well, that love for animals never disappeared and I was convinced at the age of sixteen that I wanted to be a veterinarian, along with every other sixteen year old on the planet.  And so the college hunt began.


I soon learned that maybe I wasn’t cut out for vet school and wasn’t so interested in spending the next eight years taking advanced math courses and crazy physics courses I knew I wouldn’t enjoy.  From there it was simple: I loved animals and I loved science– hence, Animal Science.  The next four years was spent wrestling sheep, watching newborn pigs enter the world, growing our own chickens to take home for Thanksgiving break (already prepared for the dinner table), and field trips to local farms.  I loved it all.


I have also always had a love for writing.  Ever since I could hold a pencil I wrote all the time about everything.  I always enjoyed my English classes and read a lot.  I never thought about my love and skills in literacy as something I could incorporate into my future career.  It wasn’t until I reached around my sophomore year in college where I began my minor in Media and Communication under the English department where I learned about opportunities to apply writing into a career path.  It was like the world opened up before me.  Through marketing and journalism internships and freelancing, and now working towards my MA in English, I am so happy to finally learn what I want to do with my life.  I am so ready to do what I love.  Ultimately, I would love to work in marketing or some type of communications or technical writing position for a science-based company.  I am confident and look forward to making it there.


In my free time I love doing a few activities, but I would like to talk about yoga.  Like many, I have had quite the adventure when it comes to health and body image.  I have experienced some very low lows and some very high highs, and yoga has finally brought me to the happiest place I have ever been.  In the past I have enjoyed running and pilates and all different body-weight training and weight lifting.  It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I began to try out yoga.  With all of my other workouts, I was constantly trying to rid flaws that I saw in myself.  I was almost trained to see them in order to know what to work on.  I think when I surrounded myself with YouTube trainers and other online media, I was always bombarded with, “Do these moves for better abs!” and “Try these workouts every day for sexier legs!”.  Most people might relate to this.  Looking back, I chose specific workouts to focus on a specific body part because I was told that I could always have something better than what I already had.  A better butt, better arms, better thighs…and now I know it was all too much.  I was working out to look better and that was it.


Yoga is the balance that I have needed and I believe a lot of people would benefit from.  Yoga is about self-awareness, self-love, being peaceful, and bettering yourself inside.  It’s about being stronger, not getting a six pack.  It’s about more than your physical body.  It invites you to connect with your mind, your heart, your breath.  Within each routine you are given permission to meditate while moving with your breath, in and out of poses that create heat in the body.  Holding certain poses challenges your muscles to support you while you close your eyes and appreciate the time you have to grow into a stronger person, inside AND out.  I always thought yoga was only stretches and breathing, but it can be a lot more than that if you want it to be.  It is YOUR practice that you have control over.  Trust me, I still feel the burn the next day as if I had done 100 burpees or ran five miles.  It’s the perfect balance of peacefulness and physical challenge that I have needed for a long time.


I look forward to continuing my blog, participating in the WordPress community, and seeing where life takes me!


All the best,



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