This Is Why It’s Okay To Stop Writing Your Book…For Now

This is a pretty scary title for those of you like me who wouldn't dream of giving up on your WIP. But what I want to talk about today is less about giving up and more about how to maintain a healthy and sustainable writing routine. Want to listen instead? Check out my audio for... Continue Reading →


Standing so tall So elegant with its skinny stem Cold to the touch, warms his chest. Delicate scent as he lifts it up Dancing into his nostrils Floating down his throat Reminder to breathe. Reminder to believe as he clenches its neck with strong fists Breathes, releases. Sips, believes. Allowance for rest, slowing pace, sitting... Continue Reading →

Worth It

You are She is He is They are I am. Worth it.   Being content... We are worth more We deserve more We can be happier with More.   Pure joy Free of our safety nets Living our true potential   Because we are worth it.

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