I used to scare from critters like You. My adolescent frightened feet fled from the innocence of your kind. My heart beat to the rhythm of my swallowed breaths. And now we sit In peace As your little segmented legs grip into the Fibers of my jeans.

The Moment

“The moment is upon us.  That moment you can’t stop talking about.”   They say we can do anything we want. They say we can be anything we want. If you work hard, some day you can achieve your dreams. But when is that day? That’s up to you. Maybe the moment is Now. The... Continue Reading →

Stephen King Success

Part of my goal during my graduate school experience has been to read different genres.  Since I did not study English as my major in undergrad, I really wanted to explore outside of my comfort zone of reading and try different books I normally wouldn’t have picked up before.  Among those are horror books.  ... Continue Reading →

Grocery Store Greeting

I went to the grocery store yesterday morning and the associate who was monitoring the self-checkouts greeted me and asked how I was doing.  I said, “Good, how are you?” in which he replied, “Well, it’s a Monday.  I hope the week goes by fast.”  Considering that it was only 6:30 in the morning and... Continue Reading →

Right Foot, Left Foot

He asks himself As a reminder He ponders over purpose Over and under and around.   He sprints towards the hurdle As the crowd cheers In his head Right foot, left foot, right, left.   Keep going. Don’t give up.          

Lessons As A Twenty-Something

I watched some of the NFL draft last night and couldn’t help to think about how these players made it. The majority of them must have had fantasies about being a professional football player since childhood and now, some at the ripe age of even 21, their dreams came true.  All of their hard work,... Continue Reading →

“I’m Too Busy To Write.”

There you go, I said the “B” word.  Now, don’t tell me you have never said that to yourself because I’m pretty positive that it has already at least crossed your mind, and if somehow it hasn’t, it’s quite inevitable to occur at some point in your writerly life. Since starting a new full-time job... Continue Reading →

Animals And Yoga And Me

So far I have enjoyed sharing several pieces of my writing with the world of WordPress and I thought I would take this time to introduce  myself properly and say a couple things about me (if anyone would like to read about my life).   I am currently a graduate student pursuing my master’s degree... Continue Reading →

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