I Am Rewriting My Manuscript and I Can Cry If I Want To…Except I Won’t

If you are about to read the first draft of your manuscript for the first time, this is the post for you! Reading your manuscript for the first time can be exciting and stressful all at once, but I have some tips for you that may help you along (and feel at peace with the... Continue Reading →

Worth It

You are She is He is They are I am. Worth it.   Being content... We are worth more We deserve more We can be happier with More.   Pure joy Free of our safety nets Living our true potential   Because we are worth it.

I Don’t Know

I think of her and that Place The Place where I shut the Door. With all my strength Unhappy no more. Now I pray that, Well, I don’t know yet. What’s next Next. Assume the next line on my resume Where my car will park for most of the day Early mornings, late nights, sunrises,... Continue Reading →

Next Steps

As if she's invisible Eyes meet but don't lock Touch falls through Vocal chords, silent despite her begging to be Heard. Yesterday did not know Today cannot erase. It's time for the adventure.


I rise with her rays I sip my slow-drip fuel As I wrestle with plot and imagination Characters bleed through the screen And hop from key to key Stretching their mind-born limbs Crafting their story. We chat over more slow-drip Debating the next chapter And they're always right. I return to the keys. The key... Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas Day

Ocean of sheets Atop my belly so full Heavy eyelids After bubbly beverages Surrounded by family Gift wrap littered; splayed on the living room carpet Hugs Smiles Laughs Exchanged And now we huddle Under our ocean of sheets After a happy Christmas Day.


Oh, IT creeps and IT crawls IT almost never lets go Pushed and IT just latches harder Like a toddler to his mother Like a hook in a fish's gills ITs iron grip, oh, the grip. Seldom is relief granted In the whirl of the day The week The month The year.

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