Question Mark

When you don't know what next month will bring When everything is a giant question mark When you feel qualified but the universe disagrees When you're ready to fight but there's no war When you desire for opportunity When you just want When you hope When you pray For everything to fall into place    ... Continue Reading →

In The Lobby

In the lobby Fire crackles Questioning. Clock ticks Reminding. TV blasts Doubting. Jacket scratches every Goosebump. Sweat bleeds out. Breath races. Awaiting a brunette bob And high heels. Click, click, click. Through the door. Sweet perfume disrupts And Leads into the elevator Unlocks the door Welcomes. The clock ticks there, too. Reminding.    

The Truest

Touch excites Lungs fill Sweat lingers   Taste of love Salty, sweet desire Satisfied hunger   Sight invites His smile draws her name Soft eyes gaze   Scents of cologne collide And bath soap Intertwine   Softly she hums The melody Of bliss.        

Allow The Breath To Lead

In And out. Lungs fill. Energy races to the fingertips.   Legs stretch. Arms reach. In And out.   Hips push up, Arms and legs support, Belly gazes down at the mat. In And out.   Eyelids shut. Breath counts time One, two, three. Stress escapes, In And out.      

Grandma, I Pray

You don't have to watch this You don't need to hear this You don't need to cry about this You don't need to worry about this. You are peaceful with Him. You have everything you need now. You are glowing, pain-free, and happy. You are peaceful with Him. The best part of today is you... Continue Reading →

When The Dining Room Is Waiting

Melodies grazing the table cloths Chairs patient Glasses flipped, dry. Forks and spoons nestled on Clean napkins.   Refrigerator humming its tune, Naked kitchen window, Telephone hushed, Raw vegetables resting.   Door calling. Damp air clinging to its glass To stay. Guests shuffling in.   ...And the place awakens to the rush.      


Daddy, look at me!  Look at me! I can jump through the hoop and run through the tunnel! Come chase me!  Come play! Look at me, Daddy!   Daddy, what are you doing?  What are you looking at?  What are you holding in your paws?   Daddy, come play.  Please?   Oh, sorry Daddy, I... Continue Reading →

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