Daddy, look at me!  Look at me!

I can jump through the hoop and run through the tunnel!

Come chase me!  Come play!

Look at me, Daddy!


Daddy, what are you doing?  What are you looking at?  What are you holding in your paws?


Daddy, come play.  Please?


Oh, sorry Daddy, I forgot you don’t like me to jump on you.  I just want you to play with me.


Daddy, come on!  Don’t bark at me, Daddy, I just wanted to see what you have in your paws.  Is it a toy?  Can you throw it?  I’ll bring it right back to you!


Okay, Daddy.  I’ll wait until you’re ready to play.  I’ll just lay down right here.


Wait, why are we leaving, Daddy?

You didn’t even play, Daddy.

You just sat there and looked at the toy in your paws, Daddy.


Okay, but will we come back soon?

I want to show you how fast I can run through the tunnel, Daddy.

I can run so fast.


Let’s come back soon, okay Daddy?


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