No, You Haven’t Failed At Your Writing Goals, And Here Is Why

Have you been working for what feels like forever on getting published or finishing a piece of writing, but feel like you aren’t getting anywhere? So frustrating. But I bet you have probably made more progress than you think.

Let’s talk about it. Watch my video below or read on for the whole discussion!


I was looking back at my Facebook posts recently and reflecting on my writing. When I read this one below, I laughed. I actually chuckled at myself. And then I felt disappointed. Take a look for yourself:

Ouch. Two years until I am published, huh? Not even close.

I felt disappointed because I remember the exact way I felt in that moment writing that post. I was so confident that if I kept working just as hard on that manuscript, I could probably be AT LEAST close to publishing within the next two years. Ugh.

And just like that, I couldn’t help but question, could I have made that happen if I worked harder? Stayed up later working every night? Woke up earlier to work?

The answer is: maybe, yes. But when I really thought about my progress so far, I decided that I couldn’t be mad at not living up to what my past self hoped for. In that moment, I made a mental list of all that I had accomplished since I wrote that Facebook post. And even though I don’t have that book published yet, there are SO many other accomplishments I have made, and I actually feel good about the balance of work and rest in my life.

What have you done?

Okay, I want you to practice this exercise with me. Whether you make a list in your head or write it down, I challenge you to think of that huge, faraway writing dream you have been working towards. Now, think about even the smallest accomplishments you have made for that goal, however small—because every huge goal has multiple small goals you must accomplish before attaining the main goal.

Now go ahead, list them out. Really think about all that you have accomplished, even if it is minor. I’ll go, too:

  1. I finished the beta reading process for my first book.
  2. I made an outline for my second book.
  3. I wrote my second book.
  4. I started a YouTube channel.
  5. I wrote and published two short stories to my blog.
  6. I continued regularly publishing to my blog.
  7. I became a better writer.

Now, how about your list? You have made progress, haven’t you? I bet you have, and every little ounce of progress will get you to your main goal if you just keep moving.

If your goal is to become published just like me, there are many, many little goals we must accomplish in order to finally see our stories truly come to life. But it is totally possible and we CAN do it!

Just keep going

Don’t get too discouraged. Turn that frustrated energy into something productive instead! I always hear this motivational quote about how time will pass anyway whether you try or not, so it’s best to just try and take advantage of the time you have. That’s where it all started with me. I just wanted to see what happened if I tried.

If the thought of quitting today scares you, you’re meant to accomplish your goal.

You have already done so much. You just proved it to yourself! Now just keep going.

Featured image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay


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