The Top Two Rules To Follow To Finish Writing Your Book

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Are you working full-time? Are you finding it hard to fit writing in your busy schedule?

As I approach the second half of my second draft, I am thinking a lot about how the heck I made it here. While I was driving home from a weekend visiting my parents, I was thinking about the most important aspects of finishing writing a book. Listen below for what was on my mind (and excuse the poor audio quality while I was driving–inspiration couldn’t wait!).

Completing your book comes down to two things: time management and dedication.

Time management. We are all busy and lead chaotic lives and struggle to find time for our passion–that thing that we can’t stop thinking about. Think: do you truly need to write your book? If you answered “yes”, then I have two paths to take for time management:

  1. Improve how you spend your waking hours
  2. Create more waking hours.

I decided to wake up an extra hour earlier to write. Given my work schedule, the only best way to fit in writing was to simply increase my waking hours. You may also decide to stay up later–whatever it takes to create more time in your day.

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If you don’t want to wake up early or stay up later, then assess how you spend your time throughout the day. If you are scrolling through your phone during your lunch break, maybe that can be your new writing time. If you spend the last hour of your night watching TV, try writing instead!

Dedication. This is the part where you simply write once you have your time managed properly. Use your time you’ve set aside to crush all of your writing goals! Even if it’s 100 words, even if it’s 50. Just focus on getting words on the page. How clearly can you envision yourself finishing your book? Let’s see it happen!


Ok, now write!

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