What’s In Your Brain?

Creative writing is really awesome.  You know why?  Typically, all you need is your brain and either a pen and paper or a computer to type.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing my papers for class and learning about different topics from my research, but there is something about just sitting down and spewing out a masterpiece (or so I think it is) just from what’s in your brain.  Am I wrong?

This always has me thinking about the mind and what a powerful tool it is.  We could have an award-winning, best-selling novel somewhere in there.  We could have a cure for cancer in there.  We could even have the next life-changing invention just brewing up there waiting for the right opportunity to show itself.  Our imagination, creativity, and knowledge can all combine into something so powerful.

Particularly for us creative writers, our mind is undoubtedly a powerful tool.  While some writers do conduct some degree of research for fictional writing, much of it is stemmed from imagination.  I am personally trying to exercise my “imagination muscle” lately with more creative pieces.  Right now it might be a tad on the wimpy side but I am determined to kick it into action.  I am committed to practicing as often as I can and see where it leads me.  Who knows what could be lingering in my brain right now just waiting to escape—and you, too.  Yes, you.  The only way to know is to write.





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