Not like the others Like the vision always painted in my mind   No rows of loved ones, Rose-petaled isle, Glistening lake behind us Like the Planning painting in my mind   But you'll still be the one You'll still think I'm pretty With some family gathered around us Celebrating our Forever As we join... Continue Reading →

The Details

Welcome! Below is a short piece I wrote for you. If you don't prefer to read, listen along instead: Photos of wedding flowers littered the table for the past hour. Across the table, the florist held stems of roses and carnations and ferns. My future mother-in-law sat on my right and my mother sat on... Continue Reading →

Blue Gatorade

As I drink my blue Gatorade I taste the memories I taste your smile Your spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove Your laugh Your pink lipstick.   As I drink my blue Gatorade I'm eight again Hunched over at your kitchen table Scribbling pictures on your scrap paper As I drink your blue Gatorade.  ... Continue Reading →

“No, What Do You Really Do For Fun?”

“I read and write, Grandma!” My 95-year-old grandmother just wasn’t buying it.  In our last phone call, the conversion led to shows we watch on television and what I do on the weekends.  I responded with some cooking shows and The Bachelor (duh), and of course, reading and writing.  I think she finally just gave... Continue Reading →


I reached out for his hand and when we touched it was nearly frozen.  His gentle fingers grasped onto mine, causing my veins to shiver.  It was in that second that I knew this was true love.  He walked me over to the bench near us and sat me down. “Ok, watch this!” he told me. ... Continue Reading →


And when you kissed my young lips it felt great It was right Was And we kept going and thinking it was the best thing that had ever happened Was We made plans for the future, spoke about our lives together And then it happened It all happened The questions The doubt The hardship The... Continue Reading →

The Truest

Touch excites Lungs fill Sweat lingers   Taste of love Salty, sweet desire Satisfied hunger   Sight invites His smile draws her name Soft eyes gaze   Scents of cologne collide And bath soap Intertwine   Softly she hums The melody Of bliss.        

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