The pale plate nestled in her grip.  Knuckles white, she lifted the cold serving spoon.  Under the heating lamps her skin tingled as she scooped the rice.  Plop, 200.  Side-step, coconut shrimp.  Plop, 250.  Side-step, orange chicken.  Plop, 350 at least.  Her feet shuffled her back to her seat among her family.  She settled in her chair. 200. 250. 350.... Continue Reading →

Blue Gatorade

As I drink my blue Gatorade I taste the memories I taste your smile Your spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove Your laugh Your pink lipstick.   As I drink my blue Gatorade I'm eight again Hunched over at your kitchen table Scribbling pictures on your scrap paper As I drink your blue Gatorade.  ... Continue Reading →

A Walk In The Barn

You walk into the barn and creek the door closed behind you.  Light shines through the roof shingles as hay flutters from the loft.  Your foot crinkles down into the ground among the fallen grains and straw. Along the wall on your right several pens are lined up next to each other.  You walk alongside,... Continue Reading →

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