I used to scare from critters like You. My adolescent frightened feet fled from the innocence of your kind. My heart beat to the rhythm of my swallowed breaths. And now we sit In peace As your little segmented legs grip into the Fibers of my jeans.


They can fade like Old jeans, Wash away like Sidewalk chalk. Never returning to The original form. But new jeans replace The old. New sidewalk sketches Drawn.   Always remembered But Never returning to The original form.   Always remembered But I'm afraid we'll never return.          


The power of a dream. I saw her again. Shining. Glimmering. As she always did, does. Smile glistening Cheeks rosy Silver locks long now. I stopped her from tying them back; Her bare skin lingered with tearful memories. I said, "Keep them down."  Mom agreed. That shining smile flashed.   I knew it was a... Continue Reading →

Blue Gatorade

As I drink my blue Gatorade I taste the memories I taste your smile Your spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove Your laugh Your pink lipstick.   As I drink my blue Gatorade I'm eight again Hunched over at your kitchen table Scribbling pictures on your scrap paper As I drink your blue Gatorade.  ... Continue Reading →

Right Foot, Left Foot

He asks himself As a reminder He ponders over purpose Over and under and around.   He sprints towards the hurdle As the crowd cheers In his head Right foot, left foot, right, left.   Keep going. Don’t give up.          


And when you kissed my young lips it felt great It was right Was And we kept going and thinking it was the best thing that had ever happened Was We made plans for the future, spoke about our lives together And then it happened It all happened The questions The doubt The hardship The... Continue Reading →

Question Mark

When you don't know what next month will bring When everything is a giant question mark When you feel qualified but the universe disagrees When you're ready to fight but there's no war When you desire for opportunity When you just want When you hope When you pray For everything to fall into place    ... Continue Reading →

In The Lobby

In the lobby Fire crackles Questioning. Clock ticks Reminding. TV blasts Doubting. Jacket scratches every Goosebump. Sweat bleeds out. Breath races. Awaiting a brunette bob And high heels. Click, click, click. Through the door. Sweet perfume disrupts And Leads into the elevator Unlocks the door Welcomes. The clock ticks there, too. Reminding.    

The Truest

Touch excites Lungs fill Sweat lingers   Taste of love Salty, sweet desire Satisfied hunger   Sight invites His smile draws her name Soft eyes gaze   Scents of cologne collide And bath soap Intertwine   Softly she hums The melody Of bliss.        

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